Smaldy Solutions

         Web sites from Smaldy Solutions are not only great looking and professional, they are also designed to help you run your business with ease and efficiency.

         We have designed a wide variety of administrative tools for our clients which allow them to do everything from managing user and product databases to sending bulk emails to a mailing list.

         We are always open to new ideas that will make your life easier. If you can think of a web-facing feature that you would like to have on your web site you can call or email today to request a quote.

  • Manage Your Users
    One of the most useful things you can have as a part of your web site is a user database. This can be used to allow users to login with a username and password, or just to remember a user's preferences for the future. In some cases this type of database is only used internally to keep track of sales and services to customers and to generate invoices. With a custom user database behind your website the online experience for your visitors can be much richer and the management of all your data will ber greatly simplified.

  • Send Email to a Mailing List
    Having a mailing list is the best way to communicate with your user base. This seemingly simple feature will allow you to do such things as communicate your next big event, maybe a sale, or just remind customers about their association with your business. Having the ability to send one email to potentially hundreds of people at the same time allows you to save time and gives you an edge over competition who might still be using phone calls and 'snail mail' to accomplish the same goals.

  • Your Inventory Online
    Managing an inventory online is a great way to improve efficiency. Think about it, a secure online database used to organize your product inventory would allow you to do such things as automating inventory updates for online sales as well as make adjustments from any internet connected computer. Of course this comes with security concerns but at Smaldy Solutions security is our first thought, never an after-thought. Call or email today to find out how you can start managing your inventory through one of our safe and secure online administration portals.

  • Easily Update Your Own Web Site
    One of the most useful features that we try to provide to all of our web site clients is the ability to easily update some or all of their web site. This will save you time and money in the long run by allowing you to do simple updates on your own. Whether you just want to be able to announce your daily specials or change the pictures in your photo gallery we can work with you to develop a solution that will meet your needs and your budget.

  • Any Thing You Can Think Of
    At Smaldy Solutions we pride ourselves on our innovative and customized designs. If there is a feature that you believe would make your life easier or your web site better we'd love to hear about it! We are constantly working with our clients to provide the tools they need at exceptional prices they can afford.