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Founding Smaldy Solutions

A note from Smaldy Solutions founder Daniel Alderman:

I founded Smaldy Solutions in February of 2008.
Thanks to a catchy suggestion by my computer savvy friend Matt Gray, I adopted the name Smaldy Solutions for my consulting business and also as the domain name for my website. So the original hobby consulting I had been doing got a fresh and more marketable name, which was fitting since it marked the turning of my hobby into a true business venture, which was great since I truly enjoy the work that I do around my community.

I pride myself on my customers' satisfaction and my motto of "I make house calls" and I look forward to many more years of computer consulting. After graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and a Master Degree in Information Technology I have been keeping my consulting going as a great side job to keep me (very) busy on evenings and weekends.